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 mod pr0 for admin, {was mod} and donor :D

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mod pr0

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PostSubject: mod pr0 for admin, {was mod} and donor :D   Wed Nov 24, 2010 1:16 pm

In-game name: mod pr0

Real Life Name: josh

Age: 14

How long have you been playing the server?: well... i have played for long, but idk Very Happy

Why you want to be a staff member?: i've ben staff, i would still love to help.

Have you been a staff member before? (On This Server): yes, i have ben staff. {mod and donor}

If so, how did you lose your staff member? (On This Server):

Have you ever broken the rules?: NO i would never!

If so, what did you do?:

Have you invited anyone to join our server?: i just started, i will Very Happy

If so, tell us who and proof?:

Proof of helping someone on our server:

A Little bit about yourself: im 14 years old and i am a trusted person, really nice and freidnly Razz
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Peace Keeper
Peace Keeper

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PostSubject: Re: mod pr0 for admin, {was mod} and donor :D   Wed Nov 24, 2010 3:58 pm

Umm.... You didn't actually donate. It was just givin to you because you were staff.. Sorry to say.. but great to have you back all the same!


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mod pr0 for admin, {was mod} and donor :D
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