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 Forum Rules

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PostSubject: Forum Rules   Sun Aug 08, 2010 1:21 am

NO Spamming
What is spamming?
In General:
• Posting short, unhelpful comments (such as "cool", "nice acc," etc).
• Flooding a forum with replies for the sole purpose of increasing post count. This may also be a permanent forumban in certain forums, especially if deliberate.
• Posting comments with little to no relevance to the topic

Report abuse section
Please Do Not Post Unless You Are Involved In The Case; This will lead into a warning, If you continue to do so you will be banned.

- NO Flaming
What is Flaming?
In General:
excessive cursing, insults, and/or derogatory comments towards another user.

- NO Begging
What is Begging?
Asking for free RS items, RS accounts (etc).

Staff reserve the right to ban or infract for any unconscionable act. The above rules and associated punishments only apply when the staff can reasonably judge that a user does not deserve some other, perhaps more severe form of punishment for any unconscionable act they might make on the forums.
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Forum Rules
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